The Boss of The Future

The Boss of The Future

The Future Boss

Recently I spent some time working semi-undercover to align some client expectations on their management team. I was alarmed by some of the practices I saw and how the management generally didn’t care or often said: “oh just throw some hands at it, that will fix it”.

What really struck me was management was hardly visible and it got me wondering about managers of the future.

With recent reports from NYMAGhighlighting how the ‘Algorithm’ is driving the future workforce and previous articles from BBC, LA Times and GQ I ponder will our future bosses in hospitality be a digital one?


Human Approach

Managing people is often the hardest role anyone can undertake. Whether it’s the daily operational process, the giving or taking of emotional energy or that of being the inspirational manager. Any style or approach impacts your colleagues or the people you employ and makes a manager think at some stage is it worth it?

Surely there are those business leaders out there asking why have we not taken an Uber, Google or Amazon route by using smart technology or AI?

Why is it that in hospitality we are quite often slow adapters? We are often so late to these types of parties its more embarrassing than watching your dad do the latest Fortnite dance move thinking he’s hip.

What is the future

‘Wait’ someone screams at the back ‘we do believe in technology’.  We use it to speed up payments or make more money. I say to you fine but why aren’t we building the ‘User Experience’ off the back of smart technology? Not top down but build our businesses from the ground up around technology, why not?

Is it we believe that the human touch will always be better?

Is it we believe that you can only substitute a ‘real experience’ so far by removing the human touch?

Hospitality or the meaning is really about giving warmth to everybody. The best excel at being open, charming and applying plenty of emotional intelligence.

Can an algorithm or robot do that?

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