Backlinks: are you exposed enough?

Backlinks: are you exposed enough?

Okay, we know what we did there. This has nothing to do with your privacy. Or maybe it does. No, we were just joking again. We want this article to provide a quick guide on how to improve your business’s digital presence through *crescendo sound of drum beats* backlinks.


This incredible way to boost your awareness on Google is as useful as forgotten.

Backlinks are links on a website that take you to another website. Yes, as simple as it sounds, they have been present since the beginning of the Internet as we know it nowadays.

So, if this is that simple and has been with us all this time, how is it so neglected? Why aren’t many businesses and brands making it a priority for their SEO strategy?

Well, if we want to know the answer to these questions, we will have to clarify what is Google’s position on this and how they want them to be used.


Suppose we had to mention just one aspect that will undoubtedly boost the quality of the backlinks redirecting to your website. In that case, authority is the word that could answer all those questions previously stated.

good backlink

As we all know, what makes your website rank on Google’s search engine better than other websites, is the quality of your site. In other words, Google gives it authority after considering the value it provides to its audience.

That being said, the authority the website hosting that link holds influences the relevance of the backlink. Therefore, the real challenge for new brands is to get quality backlinks.

But don’t discourage yourself since even the highest-ranked website was a newborn brand that started from zero some while ago.

lost meme

Here we will share with you three ways of getting backlinks for new brands:

1.Content has been and always will be king → First things first, you need to provide your audience and future visitors with some value. Start writing posts and articles on your website, content that must be of great value for your current audience and future visitors.

Once your website is valuable enough, you can start sharing your content on your socials or even with other content creators in your field. Knowing that your content is beneficial and trustworthy, your website will begin to be mentioned by other websites or content creators. Soon you will be counting your first backlinks from sources of great authority.

2.Guest posts → Creating content is not an easy task, not to mention keeping consistency over time. Believe it or not, content creators struggle with consistency and lack of ideas.

How can you help them and get some high-quality backlinks in return? Simply by reaching out to them and lending your hand. Offer to write or create some content for them to help them remain consistent and relevant. As a consequence, at the end of every post or article, they will provide their audience with a link taking them directly to your website. That’s what we call a win-win.

Make sure the web you are providing content to is in your niche or field; that way, you will ensure that Google will consider that link as a high-quality one.

3. Influencer outreach → This should not be a way of getting backlinks on its own, just a complementary tool to boost your number of backlinks knowing that you are already providing value through your content.

Once your content and posting are solidified and consistent, you can reach out to some influencers in your field for collaboration. The aim should still be to enrich your audience and genuinely interact with them through content of great value.

If what you have to offer is good enough, you will get those collaborations. And together with them, some high-quality backlinks from websites or socials of paramount authority will expose you enough.

You’re on the right track!


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