Our latest concept – Restaurant Felix

Our latest concept – Restaurant Felix


Restaurant Felix

Some words from Bunmi…

Located in the monumental building Felix Meritis in the heart of Amsterdam you will find Restaurant Felix, a new restaurant concept created by Kajola.

We were asked to bring some fresh and relevant thinking to a building that has a magical and wonderful history. This impressive building on Keizersgracht in Amsterdam was opened in the 18th century by a society of scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, and thinkers. The home for the curious mind was a hotbed of creativity and ideas. In present-day it’s been the platform that has allowed modern Dutch gastronomy to thrive, so this formed part of our thinking along with its role as a ‘culture house’.

The impression…

In design engineering the restaurant concept we had to think of how we can combine Art, Culture, Food and Drink which was made easier with our recruitment and selection of the custodians of the restaurant – Floris van Stralen (Head Chef) – Sander van Loonen Martinet (Maitre’D) and Saskia Smeenk (Sommelier). These individuals have become the symbol of Restaurant Felix and it’s symbolic position of Felix Meritis food and beverage culture.

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