Kajola Guidance Hub

Sometimes an idea, newly formed business or one that intends to scale can need some tweaking and development to flourish and take off. 

So that you can find a fit that provides support in the areas where your business needs it. Bespoke, unique and founder focused – we aim to guide you on what your business needs to develop.

Our guidance program comes in five different models:

During this 1-hour workshop presented by Bunmi, he will go over the key steps you need to take to successfully launch your F&B concept: be it a full-service restaurant, café, bar, or F&B retail store or deli. 

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From start-up to scaling, there are new challenges to overcome and we’re here to help with our 1-2-1 session.

This is like a coaching, sparring or mentor session. Done online and live which will allow us to focus privately on you and your business or idea.

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Done over the course of a week we will dive into your business to get the download on where its going good, bad or room to improve. We will deliver key insights, tools and actions that should hold you in good stead to move forward.

This is ideal for business transformation, a scaling strategy or turning around a poor performing business.

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The accelerator guidance is about helping you find solutions, make decisions, and design an action plan for your business strategy rapidly and within 4 weeks.

We accelerate the process together with you and help you move forward. 

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We offer a one-stop-shop solution. Our scope of work will see us take a tailored approach based on what we together deem the solution would be.
We help you create, identify and devise the right tools to achieve success.

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