Small changes. Big results.

Kajola works with business owners and entrepreneurs at various stages. From start-up to growth to scaling, there are new challenges to overcome and we’re here to help. We’ve been where you are and we’ve helped plenty of business owners like you. We get it.

Our work with incubators and start-ups

With our Guidance program, we provide a bespoke approach based on our services to support your start-up or scale-up success, from providing support when you are designing the business model and helping you frame the customer journey. To giving you insights on talent recruitment strategies to help plan out your way forward and open up your eyes to crucial elements you might not know about.

Okay, maybe not all at once, but you get the general idea. Having one source for your  needs means you’ll enjoy consistency and develop a relationship with people that understand you and you’re business as it grows.

We will help and support you as you build your foundations, our aim is to give you a solid future with the potential to grow.

Hands-on business design

How does it work?

For growing companies, we typically coach for three 1-hour sessions per month, with a minimum three-month commitment (nine sessions). We believe that new patterns of thinking, exploring possibilities, and finding your true passion takes time.

What we can help you achieve

Based on the coachings and the final deliverables you will:

  • Get clarity on the direction of your business
  • Get control of your business
  • Develop compelling offers
  • The finishing touches




The Program

We kick off with reviewing the areas of work in your business so that we may better understand how we can bring value.

We have been working with business owners for years. What we frequently hear from them is this: You have a goal for your business, but you are not moving forward because there’s a challenge or a piece of information you’re missing.

Once you speak with us about your strategy and business, we will find solutions, make decisions and design an action plan for you, and you will be ready to move forward.

We kick off with a consulting session

A 90-minute Strategy Sessions, which includes reviewing your information and/or website prior and during our session. You can work on any area of your business. Depending upon what area of your business you want to work on, we’ll send you a survey or scorecard in advance so that we may better understand how we may help you before and during our session.

Based on our initial session we will dig straight into your business design. Helping you while you are framing opportunities, setting the business foundations and creating your go to market plan.

Framing the opportunity

We support you in identifying the characteristics of the sector and market you are targeting to help you detect blue oceans and ideal spaces for the birth of the project. We facilitate your customer segmentation journey, to make sure you obtain the learnings and insights that will allow you to create the base of project sustainability. It is essential to understand what the project’s value proposition should be so that it has an effective and sustainable market fit over time.

Setting the business foundations

We work with methodologies and creative tools to help you establish the strategic foundations of your business and validate them with the different stakeholders. We aid you in the process of designing the project’s growth horizons and give insights into the business model on which to deploy. Also, we can help and support the creation of valuable content for investment search.

Go to Market Strategy

Going to market requires an omnichannel control of the media and a strong deployment capacity according to the purposes of community growth that the start-up has set. Together we define the strategies and resources necessary to reach your audience and promote business growth based on any aligned forecasted budget.

We help you create, identify and devise the right tools to achieve success.

Business concept DNA Framework

During our coaching sessions, we help you create your business concept DNA. The DNA defines the credibility limits of your business concept. It defines the personality of your concept and creates a clear identity, which is essential to manage a business.

Customer journey and value proposition framework

We help and support you to outline the customer journey that will become the foundation of developing your value proposition. The Value Proposition is the vehicle that drives customers to final conversion. Without one, customers don’t have a strong reason to engage with a company at any point in their journeys.

Business model framework

We can support this challenging process. We will provide you with a comprehensive framework foundation for your Business Plan, that is easy to implement and helps you make tangible progress daily.

Sales Strategy & Marketing strategy insights

Based on the business objectives, customer segmentation, and the value proposition that you have created with our support, we will then help you model the number of new clients and the customer retention rate required to achieve the revenue objectives. A Broad, high-level strategic framework will be outlined.

Financial Planning framework

We will provide you financial plan framework, that is broken down into a user-friendly format, that will help you get a holistic overview of exactly how and what you need to do to control costs, break even to start making a profit, and increase revenue.

Pitch deck & Crowdfunding insights

With our support, you will achieve the conceptualisation of your business, which creates strong foundations for investment search. Our experience in crowdfunding campaigns is a substantial asset that allows us to advise you on how to reach the market quickly and generate engagement with users at the same time.

Our guidance program is mainly done via virtual sessions; either by phone or video conferencing. If you want some sessions in person we can discuss options.

What’s the main take-aways?

With our monthly subscription you will receive:

One initial 90-minute session where we pinpoint what type of support you need and learn about your business. This is free if you sign up for the three-month program.

Three x 55 minutes a month where we give you the templates of and guide you through how you should go about producing:

  • Business model canvas
  • Concept DNA framework
  • Budgeting framework
  • P&L framework
  • Basic marketing and communication framework
  • Pitch-deck creation framework
  • Crowdfunding basic framework and how-to guidance

We will provide feedback and guidance on everything produced within these frameworks.

The deliverables:

With our help and guidance, you can be sure that:

  • You have built a strong business model
  • You have built a correctly estimated budget and a realistic P&L
  • You will have a sense of direction regarding what you should be doing to market your product
  • You will have built a strong pitch-deck
  • You can set up a crowdfunding campaign and be sure that this is done in the best way possible

So what’s the deal?


We want to get to know you.

That’s why this session is FREE if you sign up for our start-up acceleration programme (believe it or not!).


This is where where the magic happens, where we develop some next level stuff together.

We are excited about businesses like yours, that’s why three months of support will only cost you 1500 euros per month.


The deliverables will be the final result of our time together. You’ll have the missing tools you need by now and a clear path forward.

Best part is, you’ve already paid for this.

Let’s start up the program!

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