The Guidance Program : Quick scan | Accelerator guidance | Strategic Guidance

Move forward and achieve your goals

Our approach with the strategic guidance program is to work closely with you or your team on what the overall strategy will be, outlining this and devise the tools required. We will then support the implementation process of this in order to move forward and achieve your goals.

Create & Design Services

  • Concept development
  • Branding Identity
  • Brand Book Development
  • Interior design of your location 
  • Project management

Consult & Advice Services

  • Growth & Development
  • Asset Enhancement & Placemaking
  • Partnerships & Internationalisation
  • Commercial & Brand
  • Operational & Strategic

The right tools to achieve success

Our scope of work will see us take a tailored approach based on what we together deem the solution would be. We help you create, identify and devise the right tools to achieve success.

Feel free to check out these Kajola partners with whom we did the Strategic Guidance program: 
Kitchen Republic A Beautiful Mess Amerpodia

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