The Guidance Program : Quick scan | Accelerator guidance | Strategic Guidance

6 Sessions

One initial 90-minute session where we pinpoint what type of support you need and learn about your business. This is free if you sign up for the three-month program. 

This will be followed by five insight sessions x 55 minutes where we guide you through how you should go about producing:

  • A business concept DNA 
  • A value proposition and customer journey  
  • A sales & marketing strategy 
  • Financial planning
  • Creating a pitch deck


Templates and guidance

After these sessions, it is time for you to get to work. We will give you the templates and guidance you need to complete the following:

  • Develop your business brand DNA 
  • Define your value proposition and customer journey 
  • Commit a sales & marketing strategy to paper
  • Create a business model P&L and budget 
  • Putting together a pitch deck

Brand framework and financial model

These deliverables would give you a brand framework and financial model that you can then put into a pitch deck to place in front of banks or investors or a briefing framework for potential partners.

Feel free to check out these Kajola partners with whom we did the Strategic Guidance program: 
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