Kajola Guidance Hub

Sometimes an idea, newly formed business or one that intends to scale can need some tweaking and development to flourish and take off. Our guidance program comes in five different models:

  1. Guidance Program Workshop

  2. 1-2-1 Session 

  3. Quick scan

  4. Accelerator guidance

  5. Strategic guidance

So that you can find a fit that provides support in the areas where your business needs it. Bespoke, unique and founder focused – we aim to guide you on what your business needs to develop.


Guidance Program Workshop – € 99

During this 1-hour presentation, I will go over the key steps you need to take to successfully launch your F&B concept: be it a full-service restaurant, cafeì, bar, or F&B retail store of delicacies. Furthermore, I will walk through the key elements of the financial, legal, business, marketing, and branding aspects to consider when opening a business.

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1-2-1 Session – € 99

From start-up to growth to scaling, there are new challenges to overcome and we’re here to help with our webinars. This 1-2-1 online live session allows us to focus privately on you and your business or idea.

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Quick Scan – € 999

We have been working with business owners for years. What we frequently hear from them is this: You have a goal for your business, but you are not moving forward because there’s a challenge or a piece of information you’re missing.

With our quick scan, we will take a look at your business outline what we see as the potential strengths and weaknesses along with some strategic suggestions of your idea, concept or company.

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Accelerator Guidance – 5.000

The accelerator guidance is about helping you find solutions, make decisions, and design an action plan for your business strategy. We accelerate the process and help you move forward.

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Strategic Guidance – Upon request

With our strategic guidance programme, we offer a one-stop-shop solution for you and your business. Our scope of work will see us take a tailored approach based on what we together deem the solution would be. We help you create, identify and devise the right tools to achieve success.

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