The Five things I’m reading right now

The Five things I’m reading right now

“Some content is to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested”

I’m mentoring a few young guys and bi-weekly we have a catch up often via email as two are in London and one is in Amsterdam. The London guys in particular keep asking me what am I reading and I give them a few directions and material.

It then occurred to me that I should maybe share it every once in a while with a wider audience but as I don’t just read books I thought I’d make it a bit more varied and highlight some of the content and other things I spend real time engaging with.

My list

So let’s start with the 5 books, magazines and podcasts I’m engaged with;

  1. Book: Happiness by Design – Finding Pleasure and Purpose in everyday life by Paul Dolan –

This is a book I’ve found difficult to get into and have attempted to read it 4 times over the past 24 months – I’m now again a quarter of the way through and am finding it slightly intriguing but not enough that it’s riveting. It’s quite scientific and based on a lot of theories which is great. It lacks a certain amount of humility in what sort of reader the author wants to read the book, thus for me its made it hard to get into.

Read this if you dare!

  1. Magazine: Courier Weekly –

Quite simply a brilliant bi-monthly read that keeps me titillated by a variety of industry’s insights that’s focused on modern business and start up culture. It’s condensed into a stylish, easy to read magazine with plenty of facts and figures leading. The tone is engaged but balanced in its editorial style of writing.

Read this for a modernist approach to engaging facts and insight

  1. Podcast: Eat Sleep Work Repeat –

Starting my own company Kajola ( and another company called Street Food Unlimited ( company culture and seeing how other businesses create and then cultivate their environments is essential reading for me. Luckily I’ve stumbled upon this brilliant podcast by Bruce Daisley European VP for Twitter.

Read this for excellent insights into the modern day working environment

  1. E-Newsletter: Propel Info –

Being an early riser usually between 5am – 5.30am reading is how I start my day and Propel Info’s newsletter that arrives promptly after 7am is one of the first reads after I’ve consumed my newspaper. I often share something some of Propel’s content as its always fact led which is what I want and they are always on time.

Read this to be kept abreast with the world of UK Hospitality

  1. Book: Half the World – Shattered Sea, Book 2 by Joe Abercrombie –

As those that now me well I’m a huge fantasy, sorcery and sci-fi fan. I read book one of this after I finished Book 4 of the Demon Cycle by Peter V. Brett (excellent read). Reading these types of books allows me to see and believe beyond the realms of what I do and read every other day, these books bring balance to the other type of reading I do. This book like the first I find I can’t let go.

Read this book for some brilliant escapism.




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