Soldier of Orange


Musical Production

Soldier of Orange is based on the true story of one of the greatest Dutch resistance war fighters, Erik Hazelhoff Roelfzema. Nickname “Soldier of Orange”.

The theatre, where the Dutch production Soldier of Orange currently plays is a plane hangar at the former Valkenburg Airport in the Netherlands. The audience experiences the show in ‘SceneAround’, a theatrical performance solution specially developed for this production. The audience is seated on a 360-degree rotating auditorium that turns from set to set, accompanied by 180-degree projections.

Since 2015 the production has broken all Dutch theatre records. Soldier of Orange played more than 2,800 sold-out performances to a total audience of over 3 million.



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Refreshing honey drinks with a positive impact. Take a conscious choice when it comes to drinks and give something back to the bees that provide it.

Dreaming of reconnecting people and nature, and armed with Europe’s finest blossom honey (thanks, bees), they created a drink like no other: predictably delicious, surprisingly versatile, and with impact on the world around them. – where Zzinga was brought to life. Not to mention great in a cocktail.

Lowlander Beer


Lowlander Brew Kitchen

We brew for people who want delicious beers that are anything but the ‘usual’. At the heart of everything we do is a belief that when we combine nature and a little bit of Dutch ingenuity the possibilities are endless. That’s why our aim is broaden the horizons of beer by brewing with botanicals.