The future of your company must align with the future of the world: embrace innovation

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The complexity of humankind is what makes us move forward and differentiate ourselves from any other species of the world. For us, human beings, survival is not enough to keep going and stay alive, unlike the other species; we rather feel the need to be better than our ancestors were. Our eagerness to constantly renew ourselves is innate in us. Creativity and innovation are in our DNA.

So, knowing the reasons behind our kind’s success and its lead on the world, we apply that exact same key ingredient for our company’s potion of success.

Vertical farming as a way of enriching our world

The start-up Plenty is a great example that shows the path we all should follow: caring for the world’s tomorrow and acting in that regard.

That’s why we decided to share this article on our LinkedIn account last Tuesday because this is a great example that corroborates the possibility of attaining the previously stated.

sustainable innovation

The vertical farming proposal brings plenty of benefits for both the companies involved in this field and the wellbeing of the entire world itself. Seeing Walmart investing and supporting this type of business scheme is certainly something to celebrate. This sets an example for many other players in the retail industry and not only.

For that, we will see noticeable improvements regarding the spatial distribution at any kind of store implementing this new concept (in relation to leaving more room for other similar innovations). Moreover, we expect an upgrade regarding sustainable production and eventually its perpetual promotion by industry giants who take corporate social responsibility a level over and above.

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What is Our role in this?

At Kajola, our purpose is to provide something valuable to the world. We do this by helping those who are passionate about the food and beverage sector and providing them with the best solutions that will boost their impact in this field and allow them to make a difference by keeping them innovative. Being different keeps you ahead of the game.

Kajola, beyond business?

To sum up, the main goal of this article was to do justice to what Kajola really means, the poetry behind the letters. Kajola’s meaning in Nigerian is  Let’s make it together. Because we are here to make the difference, to enrich the hospitality and food & beverage sector, but most importantly, to make it together. That is why we are among the first to be proud of our counterparts’ achievements and share their successes with the world. It is all about our individual contribution to bettering the world measured through our collective blood, sweat and tears.

Innovation is the most difficult thing to achieve, nonetheless the only way of moving forward. Thus, if we all agree on it, let’s handle this challenge shoulder near shoulder. The future is in our hands, and learning with and from each other is easier than struggling alone.

Let’s make it together!


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