The Future of Food: 5 Trends

• Labour Market: Freelance chefs within five years With the labour market facing an unprecedented level of uncertainty the UK will look within to solve its recruitment issue and I predict that the government will make it easier for people to be self-employed. Regardless of the tax rises in the most recent government budget we [...]

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‘Faceless’ Is This Really the Future Of Restaurants And To What Extreme?

We see trends in all areas of life; there are fashion trends, music trends and design trends. As the food industry has evolved over the years we have seen many different dining trends appear, home delivery apps and fast casual restaurants for example. Now, there’s yet another restaurant trend and it takes diners another step [...]

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The Future of Food Service: Is the Home Delivery Market The Dark Knight or Will Fast Casual Continue to Reign?

With a recent report by Euro Monitor highlighting how changing lifestyles effect how we eat will the home delivery market continue to be the ‘Dark Knight’ or have we woken up to its impact and innovate more? Or will the Fast Casual market (QSR) continue to reign? With the lives of many becoming busier and [...]

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A journey of transformation

If someone asked was it your aim or dream to start your own business I would have always answered NO. My ambition wasn’t ever to own my own business, I just wanted to be respected by my peers. It was about eight years ago when the penny began to drop and I began to understand [...]

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