The Boss of The Future

The Future Boss Recently I spent some time working semi-undercover to align some client expectations on their management team. I was alarmed by some of the practices I saw and how the management generally didn’t care or often said: “oh just throw some hands at it, that will fix it”. What really struck me was [...]

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EME x Kajola – We can make you world class

We are delighted to showcase our partnership with EME - Hospitality Projects. EME is a world-renowned food and beverage concept and project management specialist based in Amsterdam. EME has been the powerhouse behind a multitude of award-winning F&B solutions and projects. Citizen M Zoku NH Hotels Meininger Hotels Michelin starred Rijks restaurant by Vermaat Let's start [...]

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Brunch but not as you know it!

Brunch For generations, the three meal a day structure has been the norm. In fact, most people alive can remember the health education in schools and on television exhorting the value of a good breakfast. Don’t skip breakfast was the advice of the day for at least the last two generations. Despite this, we have [...]

Is the traditional restaurant review Dead?

With the recent purchase of the iconic restaurant review brand Zagat by The Infatuation a relative newcomer with a more ‘social influencer’ approach to reviewing restaurants, I ask is the traditional restaurant review dead? Zagat - The Old School Way Zagat was founded on the most basic principle of word of mouth recommendations and over [...]

Has the London restaurant bubble truly burst?

Byron Burger, Dock Kitchen, Modern Pantry, Venetia, HKK, L’Autre Pied, Paradise Garage, Embassy East these are a few of the closures London has seen in 2017 as I ask the question has the growth in London’s restaurant gone pop? London Closures The year started with restaurateurs Will Beckett and Huw Gott closing Foxlow Stoke Newington [...]

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AirBnB Growth Mean More Opportunities For Food And Drink Operators

The seeds for a significant transformation within the tourism accommodation sector were laid in 2007 in the form of three air mattresses on the floor of a San Francisco apartment. A major conference was in town, and two recent university graduates had used a simple website to successfully advertise their apartment as an ‘AirBed & [...]

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Trend Watch: Portugal – Learn more as to why its hot!

Within the food industry there are often food trends that come and go; one minute everyone is talking about sushi and the next they’re wanting home cooked pies and a cosy meal. The latest food to rise in popularity is the food of Portugal. Portuguese food isn’t often spoken about in the same way that [...]

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