Why Have Big Food Chain Businesses Moved Away From Red And Towards Green?

Why Have Big Food Chain Businesses Moved Away From Red And Towards Green?

All businesses need a logo and it is often the logo that helps a customer to recognise a brand, with or without being given any more information.

For example, most people around the world will be able to distinguish an Apple product for other similar products based on a very basic apple-shaped logo. In the same way, just being seeing a coffee cup with the Starbucks logo on we all immediately know that that’s where the coffee was bought.

In short, logos are key to creating brand awareness and to ensuring a business is recogniseable. Saying that, some logos do work better than others and they have a huge influence over how a customer feels towards a brand emotionally and psychologically.

Red was the colour

For many years red was the colour of success when it came to logos; food brands around the world purposely sought out designs in their logos that incorporated red in some way. This was because red is attention grabbing, memorable, high energy and has a certain level of seriousness or professionalism to it.

However, many big food chain businesses are moving away from red and towards green, hoping to change the way they are perceived by consumers.

Why Choose Green Over Red?

Both McDonald’s and KFC are moving away from their popular red logos in favour of logos and branding that use more green; why is this?

Simply, colour is connected with emotions and the big chain businesses are wanting to move with the changing habits and emotions of their consumer. They want to be able to connect and engage on a subliminal level as well as in product, ambience and tone.

For example, red is associated with energy, passion and power. Whereas green is associated more with happier, lighter elements such as nature, harmony and growth. KFC have gone as far a aligning with the comic book hero Green Lantern to align their repositioning.

Red can create feelings of enthusiasm and a higher blood pressure – which does work well for creating a strong feeling of passion towards a product or service – whereas green is calming and enforces safety and relaxation.

The Changing Consumer

This change comes with the change in the way Millennials, GenX’ers and future generations aren’t conforming to previous generation habits. To this generation they want to be able to believe and champion their chosen ‘brands’ better, both consciously and sub-consciously.

In recent years there has been a large focus on health and protecting the environment and this is driven by Millennials and GenX’ers.

The colour associated with health & environment is green – which explains why the larger companies are making this shift. Whereas before this, the main focus was on quick service and instant results, whatever the cost and having bolder, punchy and more vivid coloured logos.

By opting for logos that use green, big chain businesses are subtly letting their consumers know that they are safe, secure and trustworthy.

This is something I believe we become more normal as the chains ‘rebrand’ to align themselves with their changing audience.

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