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Welcome to Kajola

Kajola is the brainchild of Bunmi, a restaurateur from London, England. Bunmi has worked with some of the worlds best chefs, restaurateurs, hoteliers and entrepreneurs. Since becoming more entrepreneurial he has had some great successes (Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, LIMA, Arabica Bar & Kitchen) and some failures that have only honed his expertise. Since 2015 Bunmi felt the need to establish his own company that would allow him to nurture and develop a larger variety of people and businesses, Kajola was born.

Kajola is routed in the now and future and has built knowledge on a broad spectrum of disciplines that will help any business within hospitality to succeed. At Kajola we can nurture and develop corporates to be more innovative and develop their talent. We can help the entrepreneur to work with the tools needed for success without losing their fire. We can build you a modern franchise or license framework and aid you in finding like-minded people across Europe, Middle East, America & Asia to work with. And we can build you a concept that hits home with the millennials and generations to come.

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“We Understand, you and your business in order to Shape a strategy or goal you want to achieve, we then devise the right tools to Deliver the results to make you succeed.”

Understand | Shape | Deliver  these are our three guiding principles.

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