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Who we are

Kajola is hospitality consultant dedicated to creating solutions for international hospitality and food start-ups. We nurture innovation, develop talent and devise key strategies for success. We’re backed by years of experience and award-winning success stories, but at our heart, we’re just people who are passionate about food and great guest experiences. We’re devoted to making the hospitality and food scenes richer, more diverse and more rewarding for food lovers and experience seekers everywhere.

About the Founder

Kajola is the brainchild of Bunmi, a London restauranteur based in Amsterdam. Bunmi has worked with some of the world’s leading restaurant consultants, award winning chefs, restaurateurs, hoteliers, and entrepreneurs. Former clients include Arabica Food & Spice Company (Time Out London’s Best Restaurant), Lima London (1-star Michelin restaurant) and The Student Hotel (international hospitality start-up). With Kajola, Bunmi can lend his passion and expertise to those who are eager to make their mark in the food and hospitality sectors.

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Three Pillars of Kajola

UNDERSTAND: We invest in your business to learn about you and your dreams.
SHAPE: We analyze our findings to develop a strategy to help you achieve your goals.
DELIVER: We create, identify and devise the right tools to achieve success.

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